Corporate Wellness Webinars

  • Webinars Focused on Employee Wellbeing

What works for high-performance athletes, also works for “corporate athletes.” Working in the corporate environment, you have the challenge of being “on” every day. Learning how to adapt, reset and move on with confidence is incredibly important.

Corporate Wellness Webinars provide the opportunity to build awareness and provide education to participants on how to integrate mental skills into their workday and home life. Mental skills work as “insurance” for health, decision-making and work-specific skills. Meaning, when the mental skills are strong, health more resilient, decision-making has more clarity and work specific skills are better executed under the daily stressors we face.

Corporate Wellness is offered in a few ways:

Mental Skills Webinars may include:

  • How to recognize when mental skills are needed
  • How to integrate mental skills into daily work life
  • Learn emotion control strategies to stay present and focused
  • How to use relaxation skills to lower stress and improve self-talk
  • How to use your downtime to enhance recovery
  • Learn pre-performance routines to be ready to give your best!

Here’s what Sequoia Equity had to say about their experience:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to support our team members during the COVID-19 crisis, we are providing a “Wellness Series” of events to promote their health and well-being.

One important topic area for our Wellness Series is that of staying positive, productive, and resilient when anxiety is high. To support us in this area, Erika provided relevant, practical, and immediately applicable techniques to help our team members reflect on and manage thoughts and emotions that arise in times of stress.

Our team members’ response to this session was extremely positive. They appreciated the real-world examples, and the acknowledgment that although stress is a common emotion for people today, it is also an emotion that we can understand and redirect in positive ways.”

– Tim Griffith, Director of Training

To discuss your organization’s needs for Corporate Wellness, contact us to learn more.