Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about mental training in volleyball

Champions in all the major sports have long known that training their mind was ultimately as important as their technical and physical development.

Nevertheless, for many athletes and their coaches, working with a Mental Trainer is very new and there are often misconceptions to overcome. Below are some of the most common questions about our mental training programs.

What Services Do You Offer?

Our services are specifically designed to help good athletes become great. We do not diagnose mental health issues or offer therapy. Services are designed to teach clients mental training skills to learn how to manage nerves, improve confidence and increase consistency.

1-on-1 Mental Training – We offer two levels of customized service for individual athletes. This is ideal for athletes looking to build mental skills for enhanced performance in practice and competition. Our personal work together is further enriched by our state-of-the-art MentalApp and Roadmap to the Zone e-book.

Group (Team) Mental Training – We offer the innovative CAP (Coaches Athletes Parents) program to serve teams and groups. By educating coaches and parents on mental skills and ideal roles, athletes are in the best position to succeed. CAP offers a range of services, which includes a combination of in-person workshops and online learning. CAP can be easily customized to fit a wide-range of budgets.

Coach Mental Training – Great coaches are eager to integrate mental skills training into their weekly training sessions. Our CMC (Certified Mental Coach) is an online program that teaches you to do just that. You will also become part of an interactive coaching community who values mental skills training for their athletes.

Leadership Development – Leadership is a key to successful teams in sport and business. Our leadership development program is designed to help youth and collegiate athletes learn how to identify their personal leadership style, how to lead by example, and develop conflict resolution skills. This program will help athletes on their current team and help position athletes for future leadership. Please call Erika @ 510-331-0327 for Leadership Development pricing.

Why Hire A Mental Skills Coach?

Any current or former competitive athlete can relate to having a “good mental day.” Competition seems easy – almost effortless. There isn’t much thinking – just simple decision making. Focus is 100%. There was a sense of control. They performed well.

Have you ever wondered why these “zone” experiences happen? It’s all about mental performance under pressure. Our job is to teach you the skills required to minimize thinking, increase focus, manage nerves and create a strong foundation of confidence preparing you to be an excellent competitor.

Athletes eventually reach a plateau where more physical and technical training isn’t creating the results they want and need. This is when mental training can have the biggest impact to help athletes break through to the next level.

You wouldn’t wait for an injury to occur before you start to train your body for competition, so why wait for lack of confidence or “mental blocks” show up before you start training your brain? Be proactive in your training, prepare now for the adversity that accompanies high-level competition. Get through it faster, stronger and more effectively than your competition.

How Do I Know My Athlete Needs Mental Training Services?

There are many reasons why athletes seek out our services. Here is a list of the most common reasons:

  • Excessive nervousness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Looking for a competitive edge
  • Difficulty returning to sport after an injury
  • Hitting a performance plateau
  • Physical and technical training aren’t creating performance improvement
  • Preparing for collegiate athletics
  • Preparing to go pro

What Can My Athlete Expect To Get Out Of Mental Training Services

Athletes can expect to learn new information, complete “homework” (reading, watching videos on MentalApp, practicing skills, tracking progress, reflecting on experiences) and create a shift in the way they train. Everything we teach is designed to increase self-awareness, enhance confidence and improve every aspect of your game. After all, your brain is the control center of your body. When you train your brain to work and communicate more effectively, your body works better too!

Who Are Good Candidates For Mental Training Services?

Our best clients fit a very simple profile; They are motivated and committed to improving their performance. While it is common for there to be initial resistance for youth athletes who have never engaged in mental training, our FREE consultation for parents and athletes together, is designed to educate the family and help put fears to rest about what mental training is all about. We know you will like what we’ve got to offer.

Wondering If You’re ‘That’ Parent?

We hear that a lot. Parents wonder if hiring a Mental Trainer is “over the top” and makes them an “extreme” parent. Parents who typically hire us:

  • Care deeply about their child learning and growing from their sport experience
  • Value mental training as “life skills” training.
  • Often have had similar types of training in their own careers.
  • Want to help their kids learn to proactively solve problems and become more self-reliant.
  • Know that how you perform mentally dictates how you perform physically

How Much Does It Cost?

Our programs are offered at a range of prices. Pricing for specific programs is available here. We are confident that you find great value in our services. If our services are not in your budget, please call to discuss alternative options. 510-331-0327.

What Are Your Hours?

Erika works by appointment and we keep afternoons and some evenings available to meet the needs of our school-age athletes.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

  • Coaching Education Workshops
  • Parent Education Workshops
  • Workshops for clubs, teams or groups.
  • Sports Medicine In-service
  • Speaking at events
  • Fully Automated Online/Web App Mental Training