Over the years, I have had countless young athletes come into my office asking one simple question: “How can I improve my athletic performance?”

The answer is simple: invest in Physical Training Insurance!

What in the world is that? Simply put, Physical Training Insurance is the mental training you must undergo in order to boost your performance in high-stress situations like tryouts, games, and championships.

Many coaches put the majority of their focus on physical training. They do not spend much time (if any) teaching athletes how to play the “mental game.”

It’s a surprisingly simple game to learn, once you know the basics. Here are the 3 C’s of improving your athletic performance:


It’s important to know how to navigate the ups and downs of confidence. Every athlete experiences boosts in confidence, just like they go through periods of self-doubt. By learning how to build your confidence in a way that is both achievable and sustainable, you’ll know what to do when your confidence needs a boost (and how to maintain the feeling when your confidence soars.)


All athletes should master a strong sense of control over how they prepare (both mentally and physically) and how they know they’re ready to perform their best. By learning to master this sense of control, you’ll be able to directly influence your confidence while minimizing stress.


Once you know how to build and sustain confidence and control your preparation, consistency can become a realistic thing to achieve. Many athletes want consistency, but don’t want to put in the work it takes to get it (or don’t know how to get it in the first place.) It’s important to understand the mental game, and be willing to work at mastering it. Once you do, confidence, control, and consistency will soar!

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