“How can I play my best on game day consistently?”

Even the professional athletes want to know the answer to that question. To accomplish it takes mental prep-work and being in touch with the kind of athlete that you are.

First, it’s important to discover which of the following two camps you fall into: Do you play best when you’re fired up, or when you’re cool and collected?

Let’s dive into an exercise that will help you discover how you can play your best game, every time. Throughout the exercise, I’d like you to answer the following questions in as much detail as possible:a


Can You Identify Your Best Day Ever?

This could be the best game, tournament or position you’ve ever played. By writing down details of that game or day, you’ll be taken back to that moment.

How Did You Physically Feel That Day?

How did your body feel? Some people notice they performed their best when they felt physically strong. Others may feel light and agile when they play their best.

What Was Your Mental State?

Did you feel focused and alert? Did you find that your field of vision was better? Identifying these will help you understand what mental state you’re in when you play your best.

Did The Game Feel Easier Than Usual?

If the game felt easier or harder than usual, why? What made the game or tournament feel that way?

How Did This Game Compare to Typical Games?

What made this game stand out? How did it feel different? Try to understand what differentiates your best game day from your typical game days.

If You Want To Play Your Best Again, What Adjustments Do You Need to Make?

Answering this will serve as a guide for you to prepare mentally for your best game day. This allows you to take the necessary steps to grow as an athlete.

Do You Play Your Best Calm and Collected, Or Fired Up?

This is the final question to ask yourself. Answering this helps you pinpoint what kind of an athlete you are.

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