For athletes that train daily, performing to the best of your ability every game can be frustrating. One day you are able to execute skills effortlessly and the next day you’re completely off your game.

So what really causes this inconsistency?

Let’s explore some common questions you may ask yourself when faced with this frustration:

1. Do your technical skills change overnight? No

Your technical skills won’t change from one day to the next and the muscle memory you’ve built through the practice of these skills is still there, but something is blocking you from accessing these skills.

2. Does your technical knowledge change overnight? No

Your wealth of technical knowledge established over the years through extensive practice won’t disappear overnight. However, your ability to access and execute on that knowledge when necessary may vary.

3. Does your core, physical fitness change overnight? No

Sensing a pattern here?

Again, the answer is no. But, your ability to harness this physical fitness can be altered depending on how prepared you are. Have you slept well? Are you hydrated? Have you eaten well enough? All of these factors will determine your physical performance.

4. Does my mental performance change overnight? YES

If you haven’t guessed already, the key to consistency is mental training.

If you don’t put in the work to consistently better your mental abilities, your overall performance will change drastically!

Without proper training of your mental skills, your technical, tactical, and physical performances will be affected.


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