Welcome to 2018!

A new year calls for brand new, bigger, and better goals! Have you begun to look toward the future and think about where you want to be in a year – or maybe even next month?



If not, that’s ok! Here are some helpful tips to set yourself up for a successful year:

1. Know What You Want

This may be extremely difficult to determine but knowing what you want from this new year, whether it’s a year-long or monthly goal, will help you decide the stepping stones to get there.

2. Make Sure Your Goal is Controllable

You’ve heard this time and time again. Only focus on the controllable and the same is true for your goals. When creating your year goals, ask yourself the question, “Can I achieve this goal through my own efforts and hard work?”

3. Create Your Why

When it comes to conquering your set goals this tip is important. Ask yourself, “Why is this goal so important to you?” Knowing your ‘Why’ will help you remain motivated throughout the year.

Without this ‘Why’ you may find yourself struggling to accomplish your goals and that is certainly not something you want to endure halfway through the year.

4. Ensure Your Goals Are Personal

Making sure that your goals are something you are entirely invested in is essential. Knowing what your parents and your coaches want from you is good to know but your goals must be personal to you!

If they aren’t then it will be extremely difficult to stay on track and achieve goals that aren’t particularly yours.

Once you know what you want and why it’s important to you, you’re in the perfect position to attack and achieve these goals that you’ve set for yourself. Talking to your parents and your coaches about your goals will help in formulating the perfect plan to succeed!

If you’re still struggling to create your New Year’s Goals, contact me for further assistance.