Certified Mental Coach

Certified Mental Coach (CMC)

Certified Mental Coach (CMC) Course

The Certified Mental Coach course is the first fully online, Flash-based, mental skill certification system anywhere in the world. It is designed for business managers and athletic coaches who would like to add mental skills training and coaching concepts to their existing knowledge base. It has been created by leading sport psychology teachers and trainers, and designed for the busy professional who wants useful, effective information.

Those who complete the course earn the “Certified Mental Coach” (CMC) designation. The course takes about 14 hours (and does not have to be completed at one sitting!). When the online Final Test is passed at an 80% level or higher, the CMC designation will be awarded. The course cost is $295pp and there are discounts available to schools or organizations who meet minimum group sizes. There is an annual $25 membership fee required to retain the certification, and will include a quarterly newsletter beginning in 2011.

Here is a short list of some of the benefits coaches or managers will receive by completing this course:

1. Understand what Mental Skills Training is
2. Develop stronger communication and leadership skills
3. Understand the core mental skills necessary for high performance
4. Be able to improve concentration skills
5. Understand what confidence is and how to build it
6. Understand how to implement a Mental Skills Training program



VIDEO INSIDE THE CMC COURSE: This video gives you a glimpse inside the CMC course so you can see the powerful controls and quality of content.