MentalAPP – Mobile Mental Trainer

MentalApp® is the most complete mobile app designed to help athletes and performers develop mental toughness.

  • Teaches core mental skills through short videos & audios
  • Provides tools to practice mental skills for habit development (relaxation, awareness, imagery)
  • Provides tools to track progress (monitoring chart, written goals, journal, roadblocks, schedule & results)
  • Provides automated rewards, feedback and reminders
  • Enables coaches and Mental Trainers to oversee & provide accountability with an elegant dashboard
  • Enables Mental Trainers to provide effective mental trainin to small, medium & large groups
  • Enables coaches and Mental Trainers to send individual and group messages in-app
  • Works on every type of computer and mobile device
  • Simple toggling between English & Spanish
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • Is extremely affordable

Screen Shots

Mental App Screen Shot

Individuals can now purchase the MentalApp® bundle HERE regardless of whether the rest of the team participates. Contact MTI for a discounted team or group quote for up to 3,000 athletes, please call 1-877-744-5365 or email [email protected]

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