Parent Mental Trainer

Parent Mental Trainer (PMT)

Introduction to the Parent Mental Trainer Course

Parent Mental Trainer (PMT) was written for MTI by the lead researchers at Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports. PMT was created in response to the overwhelming need in the sports industry for parents to work with their child and coaches during the training process.

Parents want what’s best for their child but often are not sure how to make that happen within the sport realm. PMT teaches ideal parent roles, how to be a positive support, and how to control emotions while on the sidelines. For the first time, parents can be on the same page mentally as the coaches and athletes.

The course retails for $99/parent per year, but is included at no cost if teams adopt the CAP program.

“I wanted to tell you the online Parent Mental Trainer course has really hit home. I wish I could’ve watched that 10 years ago. I realized what I was doing was being critical and clearly focusing on the outcome of play instead of life lessons learned. I would get so frustrated, yes, unfortunately during games and even right after a loss. MAN’O MAN I wish they would make PMT mandatory for every parent who has a child playing sports – to complete the course before each sport registration, and repeat it every year!!!!! THAT WAS GOOD GOOD STUFF!! I hope I’m not too late with my child, but the 1st thing I will do is APOLOGIZE!!! – Michelle Greenberg, Southlake, Texas